Boot Fitting Education for Retailers 2023


The Boot Doc education curriculum returns for 2023 with a proven, hybrid methodology to cover basics and refreshers through online clinics and comprehensive in-person workshops to pass along hands-on expertise from industry veterans.

New for 2023, the online courses and the in-person courses in Vermont and Utah are American Board for Certification (ABC) of Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics certified. Each in-person course is worth 15.00 (Category 1 Science) credit hours. Each online course is worth 8.00 (Category 1 Science) credit hours.

Online clinics start with basic concepts to create a framework for novice and expert fitters alike to take their skills to the next level and ensure satisfied clients. Attendance will be limited for in-person events to offer an immersive experience for each attendee.

The course is taught by industry veterans Brent Amsbury (Board Certified Pedorthist, Park City Ski Boot, Park City, UT) and Peter Englert (Board Certified Pedorthist, BootDoc-Hotronic and Alpine Options, VT) (BootDoc/Hotronic and Alpine Options, Warren, VT), Marc-Andre Jerome (BootDoc/Hotronic) and Todd Carroll (BootDoc/Hotronic and former Rossignol Ski Boot Race Tech) as well as guest lectures from local experts like Dana Hamm (Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co., Livingston, MT) and RB Bathje (Real Balance 6, Gunnison, CO) and others.

Program Overview:

Intro and fundamentals

Using the Zoom platform, you’ll learn the essential skills required for professional boot-fitting. From 3D foot analysis to plastic science to athletic anatomy, you’ll learn from our seasoned instructors from the comfort and convenience of your home or shop.

Selection and modification

Online and in-person, our staff will teach tricks of the trade for boot selection, shell adjustment, and the casting & finishing of custom footbeds. Special topics will also include altering touring boots, alignment, and race boot fitting. For attendees of an in-person workshop, each guest will leave with a footbed that is built during one of many hands-on breakout sessions.

Elite skills and bespoke fitting

From processes that address the most problematic feet to creating a bespoke ski boot package that consists of a footbed, shell, and liner, our most advanced workshop teaches and reinforces the skills you need to set yourself and your shop apart. These skills will be covered through lectures paired with hands-on components to ensure maximum understanding and repetition. You’ll depart with newfound confidence and an enhanced understanding of how the art of boot fitting completes the sale.

For new hires, seasonal retail and rental employees

The online portion only of the boot fitting education program is ideal for new hires who will be working in your rental shop or boot room selling ski boots to give them the fundamentals of boot fitting needed to provide your customer with the highest level of customer service. It will take an inexperienced ski shop employee and put them on course to be a knowledgeable sales floor or rental room professional. It will prevent them from confusing the customer and enable them to nail the sale. Even if they’ve never fit boots before, they will be able to hit the ground running after this 2 day session of online training.

At the end of the virtual sessions, each attendee will be able to confidently take measurements, narrow down boot options to 2 -3 pairs and determine the proper ski boot to sell or rent based on the individual customer’s unique criteria and anatomical traits. Additionally, they will be able to determine areas that need to be modified after that and communicate it effectively to both the customer and a more experienced boot fitter to do the work.

For experienced associates

Our most popular course. The full course of both online and in-person training is a great refresher for experienced boot fitters looking for the most up-to-date information and current industry best practices. This four-day program is filled with practical information you can use to improve your boot fitting sales and service. If you are an ABC Certified Pedorthist (CPed), the online courses qualify for 8.00 Category 1 Science credit hours, and the in-person classes in Vermont and Utah qualify for 15.00 Category 1 Science credit hours towards your American Board for Certification continuing education. These in-person courses also qualify as CEU’s for Certified Orthotist (CO), Certified Orthotic Assistant (COA), Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO), Certified Prosthetic-Orthotic Assistant (CPOA), Certified Orthotic Technician CTO), and Certified Prosthetic-Orthotic Technician (CTPO).

It will take an experienced professional’s skills to the next level and help to grow your bottom line.

At the end of the full course of online and in-person training, they should understand:

  • How to use data and measurements as the appropriate means for boot fitting
  • What to look for in anatomy
  • Biomechanics and how it relates to proper boot fitting
  • The philosophy of boot fitting
  • The mechanics of punching and stretching ski boots
  • The benefits of insoles – whether it be custom or trim to fit.
  • Building a well-balanced custom insole

With attendance strictly limited, every attendee will get individual attention from our experienced BOOTDOC instructors. In-person workshops require two days of online instruction prior, regardless of physical location.

Dates and locations

  • August 21 – 22: Waitsfield, VT** 
  • August 23 – 24: Waitsfield, VT** (Focus on Custom Insoles): ABCoP CEU 15.00(S) credit hours.
  • September 6 – 7: Online Clinic #1 (EST time zone) ABCoP CEU 8.00(S) credit hours
  • September 11 – 12: Waitsfield, VT
  • September 13 - 14: Waitsfield, VT (Focus on Custom Insoles): ABCoP CEU 15.00(S) credit hours.
  • October 4 – 5: Online Clinic #2 (CST time zone) ABCoP CEU 8.00(S) credit hours
  • October 25 – 26: Online Clinic #3 (MST time zone) ABCoP CEU 8.00(S) credit hours
  • October 26 – 27: Sun Peaks, BC, Canada
  • November 8 – 9: Salt Lake City, UT: ABCoP CEU 15.00(S) credit hours

** for previous attendees only

A detailed packet will be emailed upon sign up with more information for attendees. Please bring your own ski boots including the liner to the in-person clinics and also bring an old pair of boots (either your own or from the shop) that you don’t mind destroying. After the clinic you will receive a certificate of completion. We will also provide you with an print version of the presentation.

Tuition prices

Customize the training to fit your budget and needs. Sign up for just the virtual instruction or the full course of 2 days virtual plus 2 days of hands-on training in person at any of the locations offered.

Online clinic tuition (two half days of virtual instruction) $130.00

In-person workshop tuition (2 full days of instruction) $425.00

The online courses are a mandatory prerequisite for the in-person sessions, so if you are registering for the in-person workshop, your total cost is $555.00.

A deposit of $50.00 will be due upon registration. Information regarding deposit and final payment will be forwarded once registration is complete.

This season, don’t stress about training your new hires or bringing your returning staff up -to-speed. Leave that to the pros at BootDoc. Sign up now to ensure a place in this class and take boot sales and rental to the next level in your shop!

For more information on these sessions or information on private training sessions for groups of 12 or more, please call 860-218-3612 or email Peter Englert (Eastern US), Ryan Eittreim 801-924-5716 (Western US) or Marc-Andre Jermone 514-295-3666 (Canada)

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