FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - BOOTDOC

The special technology in BD Power Fit Socks enables them to provide evenly distriubuted pressure around the ankle with graduated compression from the bottom to the top. BD powerfit socks gently support muscles and tendons during all levels of sports. This helps keep your legs and feer feeling refreshed after even a long day of skiing, running hiking, ect. The BD power Fit design provides stabilizing support for the whole foot.

BD compression socks

  • help circulation and promote faster regeneration
  • stabilize the tendons and ligaments
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • ensure higher energy levels and stamina
  • provides stabilizing support for the foot

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A. In the first step, remove the original insoles from both shoes.

B. Position the original insoles on the BOOTDOC insoles so that they are flush on the heel and centred on the insoles in the toe area.

C. Mark the area on the BOOTDOC insoles that protrudes with a pencil.

D. Carefully cut off this part with scissors.

Insert the cut BOOTDOC insoles into the shoes. Make sure they are positioned centrally in the shoe.
We wish you optimal comfort, a perfect fit and a lot of pleasure with your BOOTDOC insoles.


Take care when putting them on: To ensure your Power Fit Socks can be used for a long time, be careful when putting them on. The main cause of damage to the fabric of Power Fit Socks is snagging on rings, fingernails or toenails.

A) Insert your hand into the sock and grasp the foot section by the protuberance of the heel.

B) Pull the material inside out as far as the heel section. Do not unroll the sock while doing this.

C) Pull on the foot section of the sock as far as the heel.

D) Work up the leg inch by inch, grasping the end of the sock and shifting the material upwards in back-and-forth movements. Never pull up the sock by the edge of the material, as this can gradually cause the sock to stretch, slip or wrinkle.

Once you have put on the garment, gently smooth your hands up the material from bottom to top. This will ensure the sock fits snugly around the leg. Once again, do not pull on the edge of the sock!



BOOTDOC insoles
are to be cleaned with a gently soapy solution. Do not wash BOOTDOC insoles in the washing machine. Drying should only take place at room temperature. No direct heating up with hairdryers or other sources of heat (on fires, ovens etc.).

BD Power Fit Socks
can be washed in a washing machine and cleaned at 30 °C. We recommend machine washing BD Power Fit Socks using a program for delicate materials, at a temperature of 30 °C, using a wash bag and after turning the socks inside out. BD Power Fit Socks can shrink slightly when washed. This applies in particular to socks that contain wool. Drying should only take place at room temperature. BD Power Fit Socks may not be placed in a drier, or dried by heating with hair dryers or other heat sources (radiators, Dutch ovens, etc.).

BD power fit socks washing instruction