AUTOFIT – a success story


The new BOOTDOC Autofit system was eagerly awaited at ISPO 2019. After using the same vacuum technology for adjusting insoles for more than 20 years, it was a big but also necessary step to bring insole fitting in line with the state-of-the-art.

The new Autofit system combines rapid adjustment with the latest insights from insole preparation in racing. For the first time in insole preparation, the foot can be neutrally positioned on three points of adjustment, so that the insole is adjusted to the foot with even pressure.

More than 10 bootfitting specialists in Switzerland bought the new Autofit system in the first year. Their statements speak for themselves:

Gian Claudio Livers, Sport Beat in Flims:

The customer benefits from a fast, precise, and visible process. The new BOOTDOC Autofit achieves excellent results. The customer immediately feels the difference and the price/performance ratio is the best there is. We were able to significantly improve our sales figures with Autofit."

Joel Burgener, Bayard Sport in Zermatt:

Every customer is impressed by both the Autofit station and the fitting. The insole is adjusted and in the ski boot in next to no time. It has never been so easy to sell insoles in custom-made quality."

Pascal Schumacher, Intersport Flumserberg:

The good fit is noticeable immediately which makes it highly plausible to the customer, even producing a 'wow factor'".