Scanner is “a mega tool”! - Intersport Arlberg, Lech


Christoph Tilg

Intersport Arlberg opened in Lech in June 2017 and has been using the Vandra 3D foot scanner from day one. First impressions after nine months: It‘s impossible to imagine being without the scanner. Managing director Christoph Tilg calls the scanner his „mega tool“ for the selling and renting of sports boots and shoes.


BOOTDOC: You‘re using the Vandra 3D foot scanner to carry out a precise foot analysis. When do you use it?

Christoph Tilg: Whenever we want to know something about a customer‘s feet. We carry out an analysis of their feet when they buy
hiking boots or running shoes in the summer and ski boots in the winter. And in the case of ski boots also when they‘re renting them.

BOOTDOC: Isn‘t it very time consuming to scan every customer‘s feet?

Christoph Tilg: It‘s true that we‘re spending more time with our customers than we used to, especially rental customers, who simply
aren‘t used to having their feet analyzed so carefully. But it has tremendous benefits and is well worth the effort. Customers see their feet
in a different light after a 3D scan; they can see the problems and appreciate why they need insoles or a special boot.

BOOTDOC: How often do you sell the BD insoles for the ski boots?

Christoph Tilg: The BD insoles are very popular; in fact, everyone who buys a pair of ski boots purchases the insoles to go with them.

BOOTDOC: What does your team think about the scanner?

Christoph Tilg: They love it! The device is very easy to use and much of its operation is very intuitive. All of us can carry out a foot scan. We
have specially trained staff to look after the bootfitting side of things.

BOOTDOC: So the Vandra suits you?

Christoph Tilg: The Vandra fits perfectly into our concept. We want to encourage progress and not stand in its way. The scanner is a mega
tool for both the sales and rental sides of the business.


Picture: ©Daniel Köll Arlberg Photography