Automatic insole adjustment – automatic insole sales.

Visiting Intersport Pilz in Hartberg


For Intersport Pilz, boot fitting has been a part of everyday life at Intersport Hartberg for many years. The store is excellently equipped with the Vandra 3D foot scanner and the new Autofit insole fitting device. Store Manager Thomas Bierbauer tells us about his experiences.

WINTERSTEIGER: This season you started using the new Autofit, which automatically adjusts insoles. What are the advantages from your point of view?

Thomas Bierbauer: We use the Autofit every day and we are very pleased with it. Previously we had just two loose cushions. This device allows the customer to sit down comfortably during the fitting process, which is considerably better. It also puts on a good show. The other customers watch it working and want to try it out, meaning that we can sell more insoles. We mainly use the Autofit for the more expensive 3D insoles.

WINTERSTEIGER: How are you colleagues finding the Autofit? Is it easy to use?

Thomas Bierbauer: After a short training session, the Autofit is very easy to use. Everyone gets the hang of it once they have done it once – whether they are an apprentice or a workshop technician.

WINTERSTEIGER: You also use the Vandra 3D foot scanner – do you use it in summer too?

Thomas Bierbauer: Yes, we also offer boot fitting services during the summer season. The scanner can be found in the running department from March onwards. We have a coaching zone where we carry out a running analysis on the treadmill and we scan every customer using the scanner. This makes it much easier to demonstrate why everyone needs insoles. The customers are aware that their gait is not quite right, but it‘s only when they see it for themselves that they understand what we are talking about. The Autofit is located 5 meters away in the hiking department.

WINTERSTEIGER: How is it from a time perspective? Does it save you time?

Thomas Bierbauer: In winter it saves time, as I can reduce the selection of ski boots the customer has to try on to just 2 or 3 models. In summer it probably takes a little bit longer, but it‘s worth it as I can conclude more sales. We can upsell the insoles and the customer gets something out of it. Above all, boot fitting is an important unique selling point that sets us apart from online companies. Customers can‘t get their insoles fitted via the internet! Visiting a specialist who lives and breathes boot fitting is a no-brainer. For example, we get customers who have to wear heavy work shoes and who want to have insoles made.

WINTERSTEIGER: Thank you very much for this fascinating insight.