The Best Friend of a Bootfitter

Bob Skinner‘s Ski & Sport, Newbury, New Hampshire


Since 1985 Frank MacConnell has been running Bob Skinner's Ski and Sport sports shop at the foot of Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire. He is a master bootfitter and former ski racer. Since the acquisition of Edgewise - Elite Ski Service in 2017, Bob Skinner's Ski & Sport also offers ski service for ski racing. Edgewise offered ski service the best Alpine ski racers for years, including the U.S. Ski Team and Frank combined the highest quality boot fitting and top ski service under one roof.

To bolster his bootfitting efforts, Frank chose BOOTDOC's Vandra 3D scanner during a product demonstration at the Providence trade show in 2019. Even before his foot scan was completed – less than 15 seconds – he said: "I'll take the device!” While standing on the scanner, he imagined how the Vandra scanner would support him and his staff and raise their ski boot fitting to a higher level. After his first season, Frank MacConnell confirms that "the Vandra can do everything I imagined and fully meets all my expectations".

His employees also greatly appreciate their "new best friend" which gives them a better understanding of how footwear should fit and which zones are most important. They find the right ski boots faster and the selection is usually successful after only two ski boot try-ons. This results in enormous time savings and allows employees to invest more in the subsequent boot fitting. According to Frank, non-specialists also benefit from the Vandra 3D scanner: "They quickly learn how to fit ski boots with confidence. And customers are enthusiastic - they love the Vandra!" says Frank.