Cyclist Bob Shay - With Hotronic Foot Warmers 10 years and 20,000 miles later ...

In the winter of 2002-2003, I performed my original 2,200 mile cycling test of Hotronic Foot Warmers. Since then I have been cycling mostly during the pre-dawn hours for aerobic exercise about 2,000 miles each winter from November through March, or on average 25 miles/day four days a week. During that period of time, in our area, temperatures in the morning average 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3° Celsius) with one month’s average lows down to 20 degrees (-7° Celsius) and one or two days of the year down to 5 degrees (15° Celsius).


The Hotronic Foot Warmer is the only product I will use to keep my toes warm during winter cycling in cold weather.

  • Comfort – I do not feel the heating element or electronic wire under my insole when cycling. My toes stay comfortably warm, the battery pack stays affixed to my bootie or boot, and the selection of temperature heating options allows me to fine tune heat output when needed. I keep the battery setting on level two 95 percent of the time. Only when temperatures drop below 20 degrees (-7° Celsius) do I occasionally use the level three setting.

  • Quality – During aerobic exercise when my feet perspire, the Foot Warmer product continues to perform. Under the same conditions, chemical toe warmers absorb the perspiration, get hard like a rock, and fail to produce heat.

  • Durability – I have not been able to break this product no matter how fast or hard I ride or how much perspiration I produce during exercise. Excellent product.

I enjoy riding outdoors regularly when temperatures dip below 45 degrees F and Hotronic Foot Warmers are my go to toe warmers whether I am wearing cycling booties or cycling insulated boots.