Bill Crouse Summits Everest for the 7th Time.
Just want to let you know I made another climb of Everest wearing Hotronics with warm feet! We reached the summit on May 19th at 4:30 AM via the SE Ridge route, Everest in Nepal. Thank you again and hope you are well. Cheers, Bill
Bill Crouse, Everest 2013


This season was one of our most successful with 90+% of the clients reaching the summit and me for my sixth time, but more importantly we all returned safely. A very high percentage of the climbers on our team and even from US that I met are now using Hotronic for summit day. The m4s worked amazingly well this year. I still had power left after returning to high camp at 8,200 m and climbing for 7+ hours!!! I used the middle setting or second light all day and had toasty feet before leaving the tent at 1 AM.
Here are a few photos from the summit and one 5 hours later very happy to be at camp 1 on the way to ABC.
Bill Crouse, Everest 2007


Another cold day (notice the white on the side of my nose) on the summit for the 5th summit, but warm feet!
Bill Crouse, Everest 2006


"That smile from behind the mask isn’t just from reaching the summit but from warm feet as well! Thank you Hotronic for another warm trip for my feet and my fourth summit of Everest!"
Bill Crouse, Himalayan Experience Everest Guide


"The Hotronic's saved my feet during our cold summit push and I'm EXTREMELY thankful for having them in my boots. I climbed through the night with them on low to the Balcony and above that it got bitter cold, wind, etc. The sun would be coming soon, so decided to crank them to high and I was glad I did to keep my feet warm."
Bill Crouse reaching summit for the 3rd time.