The new BD Scanner Vandra, developed in cooperation with the Swedish technology start up Volumental, sets new standards in 3D visualization of feet.

Thanks to the latest technology of 4 depth compensation cameras both feet are measured and 3D rendered within a few seconds. The visualized 3D picture is of highest precision and can be looked at from various angles.

Just step on the 3D Scanner without any other device. No changing of socks or special equipment is desired. This guarantees high comfort and no hygiene hassle during the analysis process.

The result of the analysis is a vast number of information and measurements around the foot. Not only length and width but also arch type, instep height, volume recommendation and other useful information is available for an impressive consumer service. The data is anonymously stored in an online cloud and is being used for further developments around the footwear and insole business.

It´s amazing how simple it is to use the Vandra 3D Scanner. The plug & play version includes an intuitive portable touchscreen tablet that is easy to use. The analysis process is done within a few seconds and can be discussed with the customer using the tablet for visuals.

The BD 3D Scanner Vandra offers a vast number of information and measurements around the foot. The result is visualized on a split screen on the tablet. The left side shows the 3D rendered foot which can be looked at from all angles with zoom in /out function. On the right side you can slide up/down several.

Technology partner www.volumental.com


Analysis & Fitting


Professional fitting is based on analysis of the foot. From the three-dimensional representation of both feet using the BOOTDOC 3D Scanner VANDRA to its easy-to-use Feet View, BOOTDOC offers several devices that revolve around this. Because each BOOTDOC insole can be heated and custom molded and BOOTDOC has designed specific heating devices for each category of insole and customization. Depending on the style of insole, and experience of the shop, the BOOTDOC insoles can be customized by using a specialty VAC system or molding pillows.

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We explicitly point out that this adjustment and the resulting insoles do not meet any orthopedic requirements. The procedure is not intended to correct foot malpositions or to influence the body statics. The sole purpose of the insoles is to increase comfort and improve the fit in shoes!