The Zugspitz team


Having completed the 100 kilometers of the Zugspitz Ultratrail, which also climbs 5,400 meters, Klaus Gösweiner has joined the ultra elite! The extreme sportsman from Weissenbach bei Haus entered the Zugspitze event again in 2015, when even more meticulous preparation paid off: In unbelievably tough conditions of heavy rain, snow and wind, Gösweiner stayed with the leading group from the start and even led the field in the steep ascents. For ordinary people, it is impossible to imagine tackling a course that spans 100 kilometers and involves a total elevation of more than 5,000 meters, and to even have any inkling of the extreme nature of the challenge – especially in such forbidding weather conditions – you simply had to be there, at least as a spectator. Gösweiner will now use the five weeks that remain until the season’s next highlight – the Grossglockner Ultra-Trail at the end of July – to recuperate as much as possible. After all, the Grossglockner event is even more extreme: The course stretches 110 kilometers and climbs 7,000 meters! Gösweiner said: “Once again, my BOOTDOC products performed perfectly. I was out there wearing the same socks for over 10 hours in horrendous conditions, with pouring rain, snow and mud as far as the eye could see. Yet I didn’t experience any cramp in my calves at all and didn't get a single blister! I’m already looking forward to the next serious challenge and hope to perform to the best of my ability once again. I’m staying focused and very highly motivated!”