Perfect ski boots by “Zum Glück” - Schuhkomfort Zum Glück, Zürich

BD Quick Foam

Christoph Lienhart

For Christoph Lienhart finding the perfect ski boots does not happen by accident – it is the result of technical skill, years of experience and his passion for boot fitting. Lieni has been working as a boot fitter in winter and then returning to his original job in the summer – as a trained locksmith – for the past 12 years. Specialist shoe and boot fitters “Schuhkomfort Zum Glück” is located in the center of Zürich and is open between October and March. Over the course of these 6 months, Lieni fits more than 100 pairs of ski boots. Ski boots are all lined with BD Quick Foam and sold with BOOTDOC insoles and BD Power Fit Socks included.

In the spring of 2017, “Zum Glück” became the first dealer in Switzerland to use the 3D Vandra Scanner. Lieni: “We see ourselves as specialists offering comfort and performance.”