Heat Socks promise greater comfort

HeatSocks PFI50

BOOTDOC offers Power Fit Socks, while HOTRONIC offers heating systems as the sister product to them. Now the two brands have merged to create a single product in the new Heat Socks.

Head of Sales (SPORTS) Daniel Steininger said: “It is no longer necessary to choose between ski socks and heated socks. Skiers can have both – a perfect fit in the ski boot and warm feet. This is not just a matter of comfort. Skiers are also safer on the slopes because their boots are not too tight and their feet do not tire as quickly thanks to the compression.” The integrated heating element is powered by high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and the controls for the four heating levels are on the battery pack itself. One major benefit is that the battery packs can be combined with HOTRONIC heated insoles from the XLP series.